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  • Steering return hose (UR27332)

    Steering Return Hose (UR27332) £38.72

    This is the low pressure return hose that fits onto the outlet pipe on the back of the Saginaw power steering pump (as fitted to all cars from approx 1968).It is also the inlet and outlet hose on the power steering oil...

  • Steering Rack Seal Kit (STEERINGKIT)

    Steering Rack Seal Kit (STEERINGKIT) £236.16

    Two types of steering rack have been fitted to Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars of this era. The internal seals differ slightly, but our steering rack kit includes all the seals required for both types. In fact, it is more...

  • Steering Rack Gaiter Kit (CD5906)

    Steering Rack Gaiter Kit (CD5906) £89.82

    This kit contains the two steering rack gaiters and the four clips that retain them. Please be aware that these are only dust covers. If your gaiters have split and are leaking oil then the steering rack is faulty and needs...

  • Steering Pump Lid Seal (CD628)

    Steering Pump Lid Seal (CD628) £18.20

    This is the top lid seal for the hobourn eaton power steering pump. Part Number: CD628 Model / Chassis Applicability   1956-1965 Silver Cloud & S-series 1966-1967 before Vin#...

  • Steering Column Coupling (UR23270)

    Steering Column Coupling, Bonded (UR23270) £89.04

    This is the main rubber coupling for the lower steering column. It can be used on the early columns but you may also need 4 bolts SPC3244, 8 washers WHT002850P and 8 nuts UA302ZPP. PART...

  • Sealing Ring (CK612)

    Sealing Ring (CK612) £0.81

    This o ring has a number of applications:1. It is the smaller inner o ring for the rear shackle pin in the MkVI and R Type range (2 per spring)2. It is the o ring on the engine breather system of later Series 2 and all...

  • Power Steering Pump Lid Seal Kit (CD6083)

    Power Steering Pump Lid Seal Kit (CD6083) £57.78

    This is the power steering pump lid seal kit PART NUMBER: CD6083 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1955-1965 Silver Cloud & S-series & Continental &...

  • Power Steering Filter (CD633)

    Power Steering Filter (CD633) £11.81

    Power Steering Filter.  This is the filter that sits in the reservoir of the Hobourn Eaton power steering pumps on all models. Part Number: CD633 Model / Chassis...

  • Steering Pump oil Seal (CD1530)

    Hobourn Easton Steering Pump Oil Seal (CD1530) £16.06

    This is the steering pump oil seal for the Hobourn Eaton Steering Pump. PART NUMBER: CD1530 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1955-1959 Silver Cloud I,II,III &...

  • Hose (UR17110)

    High Pressure Steering Pump Hose RHD (UR17110) £89.04

    This is the high pressure hose from the Saginaw steering pump to the steering box on all right hand drive cars before 1977. Part Number:  UR17110 Model / Chassis Applicability   1967-1976...

  • Front Oil Seal Kit ~ Hobourn Eaton Power Steering Pump  (CD4758)

    Front Oil Seal Kit ~ Hobourn Eaton Power Steering Pump (CD4758) £34.84

    Front Oil Seal Kit ~ Hobourn Eaton Power Steering Pump ~ CD4758 Part Number: CD4758 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I,II,III & Bentley...

  • Cruise Control Bellows Rubber Only #CD6410

    Cruise Control Bellows (CD6410) £50.33

    Cruise control Bellows (this is the rubber only) Part Number: UE36552  r/b CD6410 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980 Shadow, Shadow II, T-1,2, Corniche 1965-1986 All...