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Rear Suspension

  • Wheel Stud (UG12916)

    Wheel Stud - Right Hand (UG12916) $44.95

    This is the wheel stud that will fit right front or right rear wheels on all cars before mid 1971.   PART NUMBER: UG12916 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-middle of 1971...

  • Wheel Stud (UG12917)

    Wheel Stud - Left Hand (UG12917) $44.95

    This is the wheel stud that will fit left  front or left rear wheels on all cars before mid 1971. PART NUMBER: UG12917 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-middle of 1971 before...

  • Universal Joint (UG14118)

    Universal Joint Drive Shaft (UG14118) $98.00

    This is the universal joint that sits in the yoke on the end of the half shaft where it fits onto the back of the hub assembly PART NUMBER: UG14118 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Rear Suspension Torque Arm RH2510U

    Torque Arm (RH2510U) 1966-1980 $375.00

    This is a good used torque arm. PART NUMBER: RH2510U MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980 Silver Shadow, Shadow II, Silver Wraith II, Bentley T-series,...

  • Shock Stem Rubber Damper (UR71798)

    Shock Stem Rubber Stepped Damper (UR71798) $5.23

    This is the Stepped shock damper rubber.  Part Number: UR71798 Model / Chassis Applicability   1971-1980 (VIN 11466-41686) AND 1980-1995 (VIN...

  • Rear Shock with Bushing (RH12437)

    Rear Shock Assy. with Bushings (RH12437) $285.00

    Rear shock kit (Bilstein) gives a much better ride than the original Boge shock damper.  Includes mounting rubbers. Part Number: RH12437 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980 Silver...

  • Rear Outer Wheel Bearing (UG13562/3)

    Rear Outer Wheel Bearing (UG13562 & UG13563) $58.50

    This is an outer rear wheel bearing.  **In the picture you may think this is rust, it is NOT!  This is a cosmline spray that protects the part against rust. PART NUMBER: UG13562/3 MODEL /...

  • Rear Lower Pin (UR10490)

    Rear Lower Bearing Pin (UR10490) $125.00

    This is the lower rear bearing pin that fits between the rear of the lower wishbone arm and the back of the front subframe. There are two per car and as they are located below the bell housing so they tend to suffer from oil...

  • Inner Wheel Bearing (UG13564/5)

    Rear Inner Wheel Bearing (UG13564 & UG13565) $71.00

    This is the inner rear wheel bearing assembly (cup and cone) for all models from 1966 onwards. PART NUMBER: UG13564/5 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series,...

  • Oil Seal Pinion Housing (UG2819)

    Oil Seal Pinion Housing - Rear Axle (UG2819) $45.00

    This is the oil seal for the rear pinion axle. PART NUMBER: UG2819 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   PHANTOMRolls-Royce Phantom VI (GM400 Transmission) (PGH102 - PGH134)Rolls-Royce Phantom V...

  • O'ring (UE10149)

    O'ring (UE10149) $3.75

    This o'ring can be used for a couple of applications: 1. o'ring inside of the rea height control restrictor valve on 1966-1980 Shadow range models 2. o'ring for the air conditioning on cars from 1987 PART...

  • Nut (RH2453)

    Nut, Rear Hub Torque (RH2453) $62.00

    This is the main torque tightened nut for the rear hub assembly. It is fitted to all rear hubs which contain a woodruff key fitting in the stub axle. This nut must be tightened down to between 500 & 525 lb/feet on all...

  • Needle Roller (UG10007)

    Needle Roller (Driveshaft Trunion) (UG10007) $0.90

    This is the needle roller for the outer race on the driveshaft trunion. **There are 27 needles per race = 116 per car PART NUMBER: UG10007 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980 ...

  • This is a complete seal kit to reseal one height control valve. (RH2436)

    Height Control Valve Seal Kit (RH2436) $42.00

    This is the height control valve seal kit, 1 per valves (2 required per car) PART NUMBER: RH2436 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1965-1980 Silver Shadow I,II & Bentley T-1,2, Silver...

  • Cross Member (RH9809)

    Differential Cross Member (RH9809U) $455.00

    This is a Good USED cross-member that carries the differential.  Also known or called the rear differential cross member. This photo is for reference only and the part you receive might be slightly different. Please...

  • Differential Bearing (UG13560/1)

    Differential Bearing (UG13560/1) $243.62

    This is the rear differential bearing. PART NUMBER: UG13560/1 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1962-1968  Silver Cloud I  (SWA2-SGE386) and Bentley S-1 (AN2-FA588) ...

  • Stem Rubber (UR27366)

    Damper Stem Rubber - Plain (UR27366) $4.98

    This is the plain shock damper rubber. * There is one on the top of each Front shock / damper. *And there is one on the top and bottom of the rear shock / damper on All Shadow and T-series (1971-1980) **Each Sold...