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Fuel System

  • UA6102Z

    Washer (UA6102Z) $2.60

    This is a washer that is used for many things on your car. This washer can be found in the Air Condition, Engine, Front Suspension, Fuel System, Electrical, Front Door, Rear Door, Luggage Compartment, Body Shell, Bumper,...

  • Sump / Drain Plug (UG526)

    Sump Drain Plug (UG526) $65.00

    This is the engine sump plug. When used as an engine sump plug / drain plug you need washer XB1093. It is also the drain plug on the Silver Shadow and Bentley T fuel tanks from VIN 7694 onwards. As a fuel tank plug it takes...

  • Main Carburetter Spring (CD5871)

    Spring (Main Carburetter Damper) (CD5871) $9.14

    This is the main spring inside the carburetter suction chamber.  PART NUMBER: CD5871 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver...

  • Spring (Main Carb Needle) (CD5453)

    Spring (Main Carb Needle) (CD5453) $4.95

    This is the spring for the main carb needle. PART NUMBER: CD5453 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY From 1969 (VIN 8742) to 1986 (VIN...

  • Otter Switch (RH2651)

    Otter Switch (RH2651) $75.00

    This is the original Otter Switch (solenoid weakener valve) that sits in the top of the butterfly housing for the fuel weakener solenoid. Part Number: RH2651 Model / Chassis...

  • O'Ring (CK610)

    O'Ring / Seal (CK610) $5.00

    This O'ring has a number of application. This O'ring can be found in the Suspension, Engine, Fuel System, & Steering.  PART NUMBER: CK610 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • O'ring (CD5447)

    O'ring (Float Lid Filter)(CD5447) $10.15

    This is the o ring for the float chamber lid on all later Shadow and T Series 1 models - from VIN 8742 to 26708. It seals the charcoal filter into the float chamber lid. One required per float chamber. PART...

  • O'ring (UA11658)

    O'ring (UA11658) Carburetor Fuel Filter Seal $8.75

    O'RING for the Carburetor Fuel Filter UE358922 Required per car PART NUMBER: UA11658 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   ARNAGE Bentley Arnage Red Label (SCBLC31E1YCX04589 -...

  • Main Carburetor Needle (CD6080)

    Main Carburetor Needle $29.50

    This is the main carburetter needle for UK spec cars from, VIN 1001 to 5603. *This is the only thing NOT included in the carb kit X-CK2 PART NUMBER: CD6080 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Gas Cap Seal (UR432)

    Gas Cap Seal UR432 $6.00

    Gas Cap Seal / Petrol Cap Seal Part Number: UR432 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1965 RR Silver Cloud I, II, III & Bentley S1, S2, S3, PV & PVI, Continental 1965-1980 RR...

  • Fuel Sending Unit (UR13591)

    Fuel Sending Unit (UR13591) $255.00

    This is a new fuel level sender for cars before Vin 25625. Part Number: UR13591 Model / Chassis Applicability   1965-1974 Rolls-Royce shadow & Bentley...

  • RH3397r Fuel Pump replaces Pierburg fuel pump (for non-fuel injected Silver Shadow II / T-series 2 / Silver Wraith II Models Only

    Fuel Pump RH3397 (replaces Pierburg) Non-Fuel Injected $295.00

    This is a fuel pump that will replaced the original Pierburg Fuel Pump - yes it does not look anything like the original fuel pump; however it will fit models that are non fuel injected.  Part...

  • Fuel Pump Points  1945-55 (All Models), 1955-65 (All Models), 1965-80 (1001-41686)

    Fuel Pump Points (CD237) $38.00

    Set of points for the SU fuel Pump.  There are 2 required per pump. Part Number: CD237 Model / Chassis Applicability   1945-1955 Silver Wraith, Mk-6, R-type, Silver Dawn 1955-1965...

  • Fuel Pump Insulation Strip (UD10942)

    Fuel Pump Insulating Strip (UD10942) Sold Each $5.50

    This is an insulating strip for the UD22715FC  fuel pumps. Two strips are required per pump. Sold each, if you want 2 then make sure your cart has a quantity of 2.  PART NUMBER: UD10942 MODEL...

  • Negative Earth Fuel Pump Assembly UD22715

    Fuel Pump Assembly (Negative Earth) 1945-1980 $473.99

    This is the negative earth SU fuel pump that was fitted as standard to all of the Silver Shadow and Bentley T models. This pump is now supplied as the pump for all cars from 1945 to 1965 but if your car has not already...

  • Fuel Level Sender Unit (UR19863)

    Fuel Level Sender Unit (UR19863) $155.00

    This is the fuel level sending unit. Goes inside the tank.  You will also need UR17396 seal as well. Part Number: UR19863 Model / Chassis Applicability   1976-1980 VIN 25625 TO...

  • Fuel Level Sender Gasket (UR17396)

    Fuel Level Sender Gasket (UR17396) $10.00

    This is the gasket that seals the fuel level sender to the fuel tank. PART NUMBER: UR17396 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980 Silver Shadow, Shadow II, T-1, T-2, Silver Wraith,...

  • Fuel Filer Bowl (CD4989)

    Fuel Filter Bowl (CD4989) $26.50

    This is the fuel filter "bowl" only  the (UD22659) is the assembly. Part Number: CD4989 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980 Silver Shadow & Silver Shadow II, T-1,2, Silver...

  • Fuel Filter Assembly (UR22695)

    Fuel Filter Assembly (UR22695) $80.00

    This is the Fuel filter assembly. Part Number: UR22695 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver Wraith II       ...

  • Seat Kit (CD6007)

    Float Needle & Seat Kit (CD6007) $32.41

    This is the float chamber needle and seat kit for all cars with SU carburetors from 1966 to 1984. Two kits are required per car Part Number: X-FNSK  / CD6007 Model / Chassis...

  • Float Chamber Seal (CD5936)

    Float Chamber Seal (CD5936) $3.94

    This is the float chamber seal. It is suitable for all cars from 1977 (VIN 30001) up until 1987 (VIN 17000) that are fitted with the HIF7 SU carburetors. Part Number: CD5396 Model / Chassis...

  • Spring and filter assembly.

    Float Chamber Filter (CD509) $9.98

    This is the spring and filter assembly in the top of the carburetor float lid. Part Number: CD509 Model / Chassis Applicability 1955-1965 Silver Cloud & S-series, PV,...

  • Float Chamber Cover (RH2901)

    Float Chamber Cover (RH2901) $58.00

    This is a new float chamber cover for all cars from 1977 to 1987 fitted with HIF7 SU carburetters.  Also need CD5936 with each lid. PART NUMBER: RH2901 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Fiber Washer (RE7297)

    Fiber Washer (RE7297) $3.20

    This is the Fiber Washer that sits on the to of the Carburetter Float Chamber. PART NUMBER: RE7297 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY     1946-1955  Silver Wraith, Mk-6, R-type, Sliver...

  • EGR Valve 1977 to 1985

    EGR VALVE (UE40755) $265.00

    EGR Valve this is a replacement to the original. Part Number: UE40755 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-1980 (VIN 30,001 ONWARD) 1980-1985 Spirit,...

  • Depression diaphragm valve

    Diaphragm, Depression Valve (UE6231) $13.50

    This is the diaphragm for the depression valve on the underside of the butterfly housing. Part Number: UE6231 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1976 (VIN 1001 TO 27000) SHADOW / T-SERIES / CORNICHE  ...

  • Carburetor to intake manifold gasket.

    Carburetor to Intake Manifold Gasket (UE6175) $3.79

    This is the gasket between the carburetor and the intake manifold Part Number: UE6175 Model / Chassis Applicability   1959-1965 Silver Cloud II, III & Bentley S-2,3, Phantom V,...

  • Carburetor Service Kit  (1001-6000)

    Carburetor Service Kit (1001-6000) $88.31

    This is a kit containing all parts required to service one carburetter - two kits are required per car. The only component missing is the main needle. Part Number: X-CK2 Model / Chassis...

  • Carburetor Kit

    Carburetor Kit (VIN 7325 - 26708) $88.21

    This is the carburetor kit needed when servicing the carburetor (2 kits required) per car.  You will also need the Main Carburetor Needle (UE36062) & the Diaphragm Spring (UE8408)   PART...

  • Carburetor Jet Kit  From 1977 (VIN 30001) to 1986 (VIN 17000)

    Carburetor Jet Kit (1977-1980, 1980-1986) $42.00

    This is a carburetor jet kit for all cars with an HIF7 carburetter. Part Number: X-CJK  / CD5869 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN...

  • Carburetor fuel filter UE35892

    Carburetor Fuel Filter (UE35892) $12.00

    These are the small charcoal filters that sit in the inlet to the float chambers.   There are two of these per car   Part Number: UE35892 Model / Chassis Applicability   1969-1977...

  • Carburetor Float Lid Gasket (RE7283)

    Carburetor Float Lid Gasket (RE7283) $4.80

    This is the gasket for the carburetor float lid. Part Number: RE7283 Model / Chassis Applicability   1945-1976 ALL...

  • Float Kit 1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN 1001-17000)

    Carburetor Float Kit (CD5865) $42.00

    This is a float kit Part Number: X-FKL  / CD5865 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN...

  • Carburetor Float (XS-CF)

    Carburetor Float (1.5") & Gasket 1963-1976 $41.00

    Carburetor Float measures (1.5") includes Gasket  Part Number: CD3247 Model / Chassis Applicability   1962-65 (S3); 1965-76 (VIN...

  • Carburetor Air Intake Hose (UE36870)

    Carburetor Air Intake Hose (UE36870) $125.00

    This is the air intake carburetor hose.  We supply this alternative hose as the originals are far to expensive.  This looks like the original style.  You will need to cut ends to fit. PART...

  • Aluminum Washer (RE7289)

    Aluminum Sealing Washer to Carburetor Float Lid (RE7289) $1.90

    This is the Aluminium Sealing Washer that sits on top of the Carburetter Float Chamber. PART NUMBER: RE7289 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All models up to...

  • Air Intake Gasket (UE6230)

    Air Intake Gasket to Carburetor (UE6230) $3.33

    This is the Air Intake to Carburetor Gasket (4 required per car)   PART NUMBER: UE6230 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   CAMARGUE Rolls-Royce Camargue (JRD19094 -...

  • Air Breather Cover (UE32220U)

    Air Breather Cover (UE32220U) $145.00

    This is a good USED Air Breather Cover. PART NUMBER: UE32220U MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, Corniche, Camargue      ...