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Service Items

  • Wiper Blade - Passenger Side (UB91134)

    Wiper Blade - Passenger Side (UB91134) $32.00

    This is the wiper blade for the passenger side. PART NUMBER: UB91134 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   BROOKLANDS SALOON Bentley Brooklands R SWB (SCBZE20C4WCH66003 - #) Bentley...

  • Wiper Blade - Driver Side  (UB91135)

    Wiper Blade - Driver Side (UB91135) $32.00

    This is the wiper blade for the drivers side PART NUMBER: UB91135 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   BROOKLANDS SALOON Bentley Brooklands R LWB (SCBZF20C9WCH66284 - #) Bentley...

  • Wiper Arm Cover (UD25009)

    Wiper Arm Cover (UD25009) $9.18

    This is the plastic wiper arm cover.  Two required per car. Part Number: UD25009 Model / Chassis Applicability   1980-1998  Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo...

  • Filler Cap (UD70565)

    Windscreen Washer Tank Filler Cap (3W0955455B) $27.52

    This is the windshield washer filler cap.   Part Number: UD70565  / 3W0955455BCAP Model / Chassis Applicability   1987-1993  Chassis numbers...

  • Spark Plug Washer - 1 per plug CD151

    Washer for Spark Plug (CD151) $0.90

    This is the spark plug washer and there is one per plug. PART NUMBER: CD151 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All Rolls-Royce and Bentley Models from 1965-1998 year models      ...

  • Transmission Service Kit RH10009

    Transmission Service Kit RH10009 $24.50

    Service Kit - includes filter, pan gasket, & rubber o rings. Part Number:  RH10009 Model / Chassis Applicability   1967-80 (VIN 4486-41686), 1980-92 (VIN...

  • UE40893 Spin On Oil Filter Silver Shadow II, T-2, Silver Wraith II, Corniche II, Silver Spur, Silver Spirit, Mulsanne

    Spin On Oil Filter (UE40893) $28.70

    Spin on oil filter Super-cedes: 07V121717A RH10169 UE45018 07V121717 Part Number: UE40893 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686) 1980-98 (From 1001...

  • Spark Plug (SPC3087) Each

    Spark Plug (SPC3087) Each $4.69

    1960 onward through 1987 Carburrettor cars only. Part Number: SPC3087 Model / Chassis Applicability   All models from 1960 SC II / S-2, PV, SC III, S-3, Continental's, up to 1987 vin#...

  • Spark Plug (RH12050)

    Spark Plug (RH12050) $14.86

    This is the NGK spark plug suitable for all cars from 1987 (VIN 2000) to 1993 (approx VIN 46740)   PART NUMBER: RH12050 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1987-1993 (VIN...

  • Seal (CD6106)

    Seal (fuel filter bowl) 2 required per car (CD6106) $1.35

    This is the rubber seal that sits both inside the fuel filter bowl above the spring and below the bowl sealing the lower retaining cup.  Need CD6137 Filter Part Number: CD6106 Model / Chassis...

  • V8 Radiator Cap (UE3071)

    Radiator Cap V8 (UE3071) $76.00

    Radiator Cap for 8 Cylinder Only Part Number: UE3071 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1980 Silver Cloud & S-series V8's, Phantom V, Phantom VI, Shadow / T up to...

  • Blue Magic Polish (M-85)

    Polish $6.50

    This is a Metal Polish Cream easy to use.  Goes on blue then polishes away to bring out the beauty of your car!  If you want your Chrome to look almost brand new again, this is the polish you need.  This Blue...

  • Fuel Filter (CD6137)

    Main Fuel Filter (CD6137) 1981-1986 $19.50

    This is the main fuel filter for all non-Turbo SZ models from 1981 to 1987.  They are now supplied with viton seals which do not react with modern fuels.  We also recommend buying 2 sealing rings CD6106...

  • Lubrication Sticker - 2

    Lubrication Sticker - 2 $5.00

    Lubrication Stickers great item to have when you change the oil. Pack of 2 Part Number: NPN Model / Chassis Applicability   All Models              ...

  • HT Leads (UE70021-MAG)

    HT Leads Set of 10 (UE70021-8MAG) $289.00

    This is a set of 10 HT leads for all twin distributor cars.  PART NUMBER: UE70021-8MAG MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY     1980-1998 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo R,...

  • Extractor for Glass Fuse (UD11668U)

    Extractor for Glass Fuse (UD11668U) $4.65

    This is a good used glass fuse extractor.  Often loss when getting vehicle serviced. *This photo is for reference only and the part you receive might be slightly different.  Any questions please check with us...

  • Drive Belt (SPC3213)

    Drive Belt - Single-Motorola Alternator (SPC3213) $28.50

    This is the drive belt for a single Motorola Alternator. PART NUMBER: SPC3213 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-1998 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo R, Pre Arnage,...

  • Distributor Cap - Black 1970-1989 (CD6401)

    Distributor Cap - Black 1970-1989 (CD6401) $68.00

    Distributor Cap - Black as original for single point system Part Number: CD6210 / CD6401 Model / Chassis Applicability   1969-80 (VIN 8742-41686), 1980-98 (From VIN 1001...

  • Air Filter (UE70123)

    Air Filter (Rectangular) UE70123 $18.00

    Rectangular Air Filter Water resistant paper makes these filters perform under wet, humid, and foggy conditions These air filters provide proper air of optimal conditions in your combustion chamber, resulting in maximum...