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Fuel System

  • Main Carburetter Spring (CD5871)

    Spring (Main Carburetter Damper) (CD5871) $9.14

    This is the main spring inside the carburetter suction chamber.  PART NUMBER: CD5871 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver...

  • Seal (CD6106)

    Seal (fuel filter bowl) 2 required per car (CD6106) $1.35

    This is the rubber seal that sits both inside the fuel filter bowl above the spring and below the bowl sealing the lower retaining cup.  Need CD6137 Filter Part Number: CD6106 Model / Chassis...

  • O'ring (UT10372)

    Plenum Elbow O'ring (UT10372) $4.95

    This is the O'ring for the Plenum Elbow. Part Number: UT10372  Model / Chassis Applicability   ARNAGEBentley Arnage LWB (SCBLE31E31CX07557 - #)Bentley Arnage Le Mans (SCBLC31E01CX06341 -...

  • O'Ring (CK610)

    O'Ring / Seal (CK610) $5.00

    This O'ring has a number of application. This O'ring can be found in the Suspension, Engine, Fuel System, & Steering.  PART NUMBER: CK610 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Fuel Filter (CD6137)

    Main Fuel Filter (CD6137) 1981-1986 $19.50

    This is the main fuel filter for all non-Turbo SZ models from 1981 to 1987.  They are now supplied with viton seals which do not react with modern fuels.  We also recommend buying 2 sealing rings CD6106...

  • Gasket (RH13183)

    Inlet Manifold Carb Gasket (RH13183) $85.00

    This is the inlet manifold to carburetor gasket. Part Number:  RH13183 Model / Chassis Applicability    1980-1986 (VIN...

  • Fuel Tank (UR22710U)

    Fuel Tank (UR22710U) $550.00

    Good used fuel tank.  This does not include the sending unit part no. UE46044 but, can be included for an additional fee Part Number: UR22710u Model / Chassis Applicability   1981-1986...

  • Fuel Pump (UR22969)

    Fuel Pump (UR22969) $285.00

    1981-1985 Spirit, Spur, Mulsanne; If need after 1985 see item# UE71606   Part Number: UR22969 Model / Chassis Applicability   1981-1985 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur,...

  • Fuel Pump (UE71606)

    Fuel Pump (UE71606) $295.00

    Fuel Pump 1985-1990   Part Number: UE71606 Model / Chassis Applicability    1985-1991 (VIN 20001-32144) Spirit, Spur,...

  • Fuel Level Sender Unit (UE46044)

    Fuel Level Sender Unit (UE46044) $184.00

    This is the fuel tank sender unit. This sender until is for the fuel gauge that goes into the fuel tank. PART NUMBER: UE46044 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1981-1986 Eight, Mulsanne,...

  • Sealing Ring (UE70476)

    Fuel Level Sender Sealing Ring (UE70476) $10.20

    This is the sealing ring between the fuel level sender and the fuel tank. PART NUMBER: UE70476 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-1998 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo R, Pre...

  • Fuel Level Sender Gasket (UR17396)

    Fuel Level Sender Gasket (UR17396) $10.00

    This is the gasket that seals the fuel level sender to the fuel tank. PART NUMBER: UR17396 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980 Silver Shadow, Shadow II, T-1, T-2, Silver Wraith,...

  • Fuel Level Sender (UE74806)

    Fuel Level Sender - inside fuel tank (UE74806) $122.00

    This is the fuel sender in the fuel tank for the fuel gauge. PART NUMBER: UE74806 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1987-1998 (Vin# 20,0001 onwards) ARNAGEBentley Arnage (SCBLB51E8XCH01107 -...

  • Fuel Filter 1987-1998

    Fuel Filter (UE74370) 1987-1998 & Turbo Cars $40.25

    This is a fuel filter, it is supplied with SPM1522 and SPM1482 washers. Part Number: UE74370 Model / Chassis Applicability   1987-1998 and all Turbo Cars from Vin# 20,001...

  • Fuel Accumulator (UE71607)

    Fuel Accumulator (UE71607) $269.00

    This is the fuel accumulator that mounts next to the main fuel pump. PART NUMBER: UE71607 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   From VIN# 24519 to 50000 Turbo R, From VIN# 30001 to 50000 All...

  • Fuel Accumulator (UE70132)

    Fuel Accumulator (UE70132) $247.27

    This is the accumulator that mounts next to the fuel pump. PART NUMBER: UE70132 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   (VIN 20001 to 24518) Turbo R, From (VIN 20001 to 30000) All Other...

  • Seat Kit (CD6007)

    Float Needle & Seat Kit (CD6007) $32.41

    This is the float chamber needle and seat kit for all cars with SU carburetors from 1966 to 1984. Two kits are required per car Part Number: X-FNSK  / CD6007 Model / Chassis...

  • Float Chamber Seal (CD5936)

    Float Chamber Seal (CD5936) $3.94

    This is the float chamber seal. It is suitable for all cars from 1977 (VIN 30001) up until 1987 (VIN 17000) that are fitted with the HIF7 SU carburetors. Part Number: CD5396 Model / Chassis...

  • Float Chamber Cover (RH2901)

    Float Chamber Cover (RH2901) $58.00

    This is a new float chamber cover for all cars from 1977 to 1987 fitted with HIF7 SU carburetters.  Also need CD5936 with each lid. PART NUMBER: RH2901 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Finisher Exhaust Tail Pipe (UE45584)

    Finisher Exhaust Tail Pipe (UE45584) $185.00

    This is a Tail Pipe Finisher for the Exhaust   PART NUMBER: UE45584 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY  Silver Spirit/Spur, Mulsanne, Corniche 20001 up to 26406  1980 and...

  • EGR Valve

    EGR VALVE (UE40755) $265.00

    EGR Valve this is a replacement to the original. Part Number: UE40755 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-1980 (VIN 30,001 ONWARD) 1980-1985 Spirit,...

  • Carburetor Jet Kit  From 1977 (VIN 30001) to 1986 (VIN 17000)

    Carburetor Jet Kit (1977-1980, 1980-1986) $42.00

    This is a carburetor jet kit for all cars with an HIF7 carburetter. Part Number: X-CJK  / CD5869 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN...

  • Float Kit 1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN 1001-17000)

    Carburetor Float Kit (CD5865) $42.00

    This is a float kit Part Number: X-FKL  / CD5865 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-86 (VIN...

  • Aluminum Washer (RE7289)

    Aluminum Sealing Washer to Carburetor Float Lid (RE7289) $1.90

    This is the Aluminium Sealing Washer that sits on top of the Carburetter Float Chamber. PART NUMBER: RE7289 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All models up to...

  • Air Intake Gasket (UE6230)

    Air Intake Gasket to Carburetor (UE6230) $3.33

    This is the Air Intake to Carburetor Gasket (4 required per car)   PART NUMBER: UE6230 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   CAMARGUE Rolls-Royce Camargue (JRD19094 -...