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  • Roller Needle Pins (RF7364)


    This needle roller has a number of applications:1. They are the needle rollers for the lower king pin bearing RF8366 (GW1979). There are 34 rollers per bearing.2. They are the needle rollers for the center steering lever on cars with power steering...

  • King Pin Kit (RF5373KIT)


    This is the King Pin Kit for the front suspension. Two per car and RPI recommends replacing both at the same time (Sold Each). Kit Includes: King pin RF8364 Top bearing RF8364 Lower bearing & needles RF8366 Lockable RF8376 Top seal...

  • King Pin Kit (R7269KIT)


    This is the king pin kit for the early MkVI models - before GT Series. * Contents include:1 x R7269 - King Pin.1 x GB2620 - Upper Bearing.1 x RF8366 - Lower Bearing Race.34 x RF7364 - Needle Rollers.1 x RF5378 - Upper Felt Washer.1 x GB2329 - Lower Felt...

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