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1999 Onward Rolls-Royce & Bentley

  • Wiper Wheel Box Seal (CD6712)

    Wiper Wheel Box Seal (CD6712) $9.00

    This is the Wiper Wheel Box Seal for VIN 30001-30638   PART NUMBER: CD6712 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-2003  Corniche & Continental Models (Vin# 30001-50170) Bentley...

  • Valve Cover Gasket

    Valve Cover Gasket, Rubber, Each $35.00

    Valve Cover Gasket / Rocker Cover Gasket, Each, 2 required per car. From 1998 year models had rubber valve cover gaskets.  Can be retro-fitted to earlier models as long as 3 new valve cover grommets / isolators...

  • Triangle Gasket for the end of the cylinder Head UE4393

    Triangle Gasket for the End of the Cylinder Head (2 required per car) $8.00

    This is the triangle gasket that can be found on the end of the cylinder head.  There are 2 required per car. Sold Each Part Number: UE4393 / UE75131 / 07V103771 Model / Chassis Applicability ALL...

  • Dunlop Tire Gauge

    Tire Gauge Dunlop $95.00

    Dunlop Tire Gauge PART NUMBER: UR8760 / CM-101 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All Rolls Royce & Bentley Model...

  • Thermostat 86-88c (UE36600)

    Thermostat 86-88c (UE36600) $115.00

    Original style thermostat with the fail-safe lead pellets around the edge of the thermostat.  We include the gasket when you order the thermostat. PART NUMBER: UE36600 / XS-88 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • UE40893 Spin On Oil Filter Silver Shadow II, T-2, Silver Wraith II, Corniche II, Silver Spur, Silver Spirit, Mulsanne

    Spin On Oil Filter (07V121717A) (UE40893) $26.95

    Spin on oil filter Part Number: UE40893 R/B 07V121717A Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686), 1980-98 (From 1001 onwards), From 2000 (Arnage Red Label)   ...

  • Washer (XB1078 / XB1078R)

    Sealing Washer (XB1078 / XB1078R) $4.00

    This washer has a number of applications:1. It is the washer on the choke stove pipe adapters UA5802Z and UE32833 on all cars from 1955 to 1977.2. It is the sealing washer between the Shadow/ T Type brake pressure switches...

  • Rear Engine Mount (UR71176) 2 required per car

    Rear Engine Mount (UR71176) 2 required per car $132.00

    Rear engine mount.  2 required per car.  Sold each PART NUMBER: UR71176 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1988-98 (From VIN 24497...

  • Rear Brake Pad Set (3W0698451J)

    Rear Brake Pad Set (3W0698451J) $195.00

    This is a set of rear pads and indicator  PART NUMBER: 3W0698451J MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   2004+ Bentley GT, GTC & Flying...

  • This is a radiator cap  for all models up to 1987 - VIN 1001-20000  (UR26505)

    Radiator Cap (UR26505) $42.00

    This is the radiator cap for all models up to 1987 - from VIN 1001 to 20000   PART NUMBER: UR26505 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   Up to models 1987 onwards VIN# 1001 -...

  • Sump Gasket (UE73704)

    Oil Pan Gasket / Sump Gasket (UE73704) $55.00

    This is the oil pan gasket also known as the engine sump gasket.  V8 models PART NUMBER: UE73704 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1959-1965 Silver Cloud 2,3 & S-2,3 (V8...

  • Oil Filter, Continental (07C115562E)

    Oil Filter, Continental (07C115562E) $28.00

    This is New Genuine Bentley Crewe Oil Filter, Filter Housing O'ring. Part Number: 07c115562E Model / Chassis Applicability   2004-2009 Model Years,  All GT, GTC & Flying Spurs with...

  • Mineral Oil  UT13741

    Mineral Oil Fluid $39.95

    This is the oil need for the brakes/hydraulics (1pint)    PART NUMBER: UT13741 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-2003  Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo R Pre...

  • Mascot Retaining Plate (UE1438)

    Mascot Retaining Plate (UE1438U) $145.00

    This is the plate that clamps on the inside of the grille shell that the holds the mascot mounting plynth (UB12950) and the mascot by an allen bolt. PART NUMBER: UB31489U MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • High Torque Stater Motor (UE46348)

    High Torque Starter Motor (UE46348) $495.00

    This is a high Torque Starter Motor  This starter offers faster and quieter starting than the original Lucas motor.It is suitable for all Silver Shadow and Bentley T models from VIN 4448.However, please be aware that...

  • Gasket oil pick up pedestal to crankcase (07V103239) / (UE73619)

    Gasket oil pick up pedestal to crankcase (07V103239) / (UE73619) $8.00

    Gasket (oil pick-up pedestal to crankcase) All V8   PART NUMBER: 07V103239 (UE73619) MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All V8 Models              ...

  • Fuel Filter 1987-1998

    Fuel Filter (UE74370) 1987-1998 & Turbo Cars $40.25

    This is a fuel filter, it is supplied with SPM1522 and SPM1482 washers. Part Number: UE74370 Model / Chassis Applicability   1987-1998 and all Turbo Cars from Vin# 20,001...

  • Front Brake Pad Set (3W0698151)

    Front Brake Pad Set (3W0698151) $260.00

    This is a complete front axle set brake pads. Suitable for all Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur models Part Number: 3W0698151 Model / Chassis Applicability   2004 On (All Continental...

  • Flying Lady /  Spirit of Ecstasy  / Rolls-Royce Mascot  (Fixed)(UT10174)

    Flying Lady / Spirit of Ecstasy / Rolls-Royce Mascot (Fixed)(UT10174) $650.00

    Measure from the base to top of wing 3.5".  Mascot Rolls-Royce (Fixed) Part Number: UT10174 Model / Chassis Applicability                    ...

  • Compliance Mount Bushing (UR72000)

    Compliance Mount Bushing (UR72000) $88.75

    Compliance Mount Bushing, 2 required per car. Part Number: UR72000 Model / Chassis Applicability   1972-1980 (VIN 13485-41686) 1980-1998 (From VIN 1001 onwards)   ...

  • Cleko / Cleco Pliers

    Cleko / Cleco Pliers $9.95

    Pliers for Cleco / Cleko body panel fasteners. Part Number: NPN Model / Chassis Applicability   All Models                            ...

  • Cleko / Cleco Fasteners 1/8" - 1/2" Grip Range

    Cleko / Cleco Fasteners 1/8" - 1/2" Grip Range $12.95

    Cleveland Corporation Manufactures.  Made in the U.S.A. - not cheap tawain made.  Brand new 2010 production.  Why buy cheap old junk - when you can have new authentic U.S.A. at discounted prices.

  • Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring (UE36218)

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring (UE36218) $3.90

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring   Part   Number: UE36218) Model /   Chassis Applicability    Rolls-Royce & Bentley Models...

  • This is the O'ring  for the Brake Feed Pump (UE35616)

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring (UE35616) $2.84

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring.  This is the o'ring that seals the brake pump feed pipe to the inlet on the housing of the brake pump.  Cars before vin# 6644 will not have this o'ring. It also has a number of...

  • Brake Accumulator Sphere & Seal CD6000GMF & GMF1225

    Brake Accumulator Sphere (CD6000GMF) $125.00

    Brake Accumulator Sphere & Seal. If your brake warning lights are coming on, especially after you have used the brakes then low pressure in your accumulator spheres is the most likely cause.  Both accumulators...

  • Window Lift Assembly 1987 models to 1995

    Bosch Window Lift Assembly (UD72242-A) 1987 to 1995 $550.00

    This is a good used window lift assembly.  All you need to do is unbolt yours and put this one in.  These units are tested in good working condition. There is a core charge for each unit purchased as we require...

  • Bentley Iron on Patch

    Bentley Iron on Patch $10.95

    Bentley embroidered patch.  Can been sewed or ironed on.  Size 2" high x 3" wide PART NUMBER: P-Bentley MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   ALL          ...

  • E81957 Grille Badge

    Badge Rolls-Royce (E81957) $285.00

    Factory NEW Rolls-Royce Badge. This badge is NEW and GENUINE!  Not a Reproduction - as reproducing these are illegal. Part Number:  E81957 Model / Chassis Applicability   1947-1955 RR Silver...

  • Alternator Drive Belt (SPC3430)

    Alternator Driver Belt (SPC3430) $28.95

    This is the alternator drive belt. Part Number: SPC3430 Model / Chassis Applicability   1987-1989  (VIN...