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1999 Onward Rolls-Royce & Bentley

  • Wiper Wheel Box Seal (CD6712)

    Wiper Wheel Box Seal (CD6712) $9.00

    This is the Wiper Wheel Box Seal for VIN 30001-30638   PART NUMBER: CD6712 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-2003  Corniche & Continental Models (Vin# 30001-50170) Bentley...

  • Rubber Insert Wiper Blade (8265555)

    Wiper Blade Rubber Insert (8265555) $12.95

    This is the wiper blade rubber insert replacement for the Phantom model ONLY.

  • UA6102Z

    Washer (UA6102Z) $2.60

    This is a washer that is used for many things on your car. This washer can be found in the Air Condition, Engine, Front Suspension, Fuel System, Electrical, Front Door, Rear Door, Luggage Compartment, Body Shell, Bumper,...

  • Valve Cover Gasket

    Valve Cover Gasket (Rubber) $35.00

    Valve Cover Gasket / Rocker Cover Gasket From 1998 year models had rubber valve cover gaskets.  Can be retro-fitted to earlier models as long as 3 new valve cover grommets / isolators (07V109151PB) per head  and 3...

  • Triangle Gasket for the end of the cylinder Head UE4393

    Triangle Gasket for the End of the Cylinder Head (2 required per car) $8.00

    This is the triangle gasket that can be found on the end of the cylinder head.   *There are 2 required per car  *These are Sold Each Part Number: UE4393 / UE75131 Model / Chassis...

  • Dunlop Tire Gauge

    Tire Gauge Dunlop $95.00

    Dunlop Tire Gauge PART NUMBER: UR8760 / CM-101 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All Rolls Royce & Bentley Model...

  • Thermostat (UE36600)

    Thermostat and Gasket (UE36600) 1966-1998 $115.00

    Original style thermostat with the fail-safe lead pellets around the edge of the thermostat.  We include the gasket UE73635 when you order the thermostat. PART NUMBER: UE36600 / XS-88 MODEL /...

  • UE40893 Spin On Oil Filter Silver Shadow II, T-2, Silver Wraith II, Corniche II, Silver Spur, Silver Spirit, Mulsanne

    Spin On Oil Filter (UE40893) $28.70

    Spin on oil filter Super-cedes: 07V121717A RH10169 UE45018 07V121717 Part Number: UE40893 Model / Chassis Applicability   1977-80 (VIN 30001-41686) 1980-98 (From 1001...

  • Washer (XB1078)

    Sealing Washer (XB1078) $4.00

    This washer has a number of applications:1. It is the washer on the choke stove pipe adapters UA5802Z and UE32833 on all cars from 1955 to 1977.2. It is the sealing washer between the Shadow/ T Type brake pressure switches...

  • Sealing Ring (GM10054241)

    Sealing Ring Modulator & Kickdown (GM10054241) $4.25

    This is the seal between the vacuum modulator and the gearbox and between the kickdown connector and the gearbox. * All with GM400 transmissions PART NUMBER: GM10054241 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Rubber Mount - Subframe (UR23318)

    Rubber Mount Rear Subframe (UR23318) $154.26

    This is the Rubber Mount Final Drive Crossmember for the Rear Subframe. PART NUMBER: UR23318 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   ARNAGEBentley Arnage Green Label (SCBLB51E2YCX04003 -...

  • Rolls-Royce Tire Valve Stem Caps

    Rolls-Royce Tire Valve Stem Caps $18.95

    Set of 4 Rolls-Royce Valve Stems

  • Headlamp for LHD models (UT13792PAU)

    Right Headlamp (UT13792PAU) $595.00

    This is a USED good condition right hand side headlamp assembly. This assembly is for the LHD model cars. PART NUMBER: UT13792PAU MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1985 onwards (from Vin#...

  • Rear Engine Mount (UR71176) 2 required per car

    Rear Engine Mount (UR71176) 2 required per car $132.00

    Rear engine mount.  2 required per car.  Sold each PART NUMBER: UR71176 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1988-98 (From VIN 24497...

  • Rear Brake Pad Set (3W0698451J)

    Rear Brake Pad Set (3W0698451J) $195.00

    This is a set of rear pads and indicator  PART NUMBER: 3W0698451J MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   2004+ Bentley GT, GTC & Flying...

  • Radiator Cap (UR26505)

    Radiator Cap (UR26505) $42.00

    This is the radiator cap for all models up to 1987 - from VIN 1001 to 20000  PART NUMBER: UR26505 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   Up to models 1987 onwards (VIN# 1001 -...

  • O'ring (UT10372)

    Plenum Elbow O'ring (UT10372) $4.95

    This is the O'ring for the Plenum Elbow. Part Number: UT10372  Model / Chassis Applicability   ARNAGEBentley Arnage LWB (SCBLE31E31CX07557 - #)Bentley Arnage Le Mans (SCBLC31E01CX06341 -...

  • Sump Gasket (UE73704)

    Oil Pan Gasket / Sump Gasket (UE73704) $55.00

    This is the oil pan gasket also known as the engine sump gasket.  V8 models PART NUMBER: UE73704 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1959-1965 Silver Cloud 2,3 & S-2,3 (V8...

  • Oil Filter, Continental (07C115562E)

    Oil Filter, Continental (07C115562E) $28.00

    This is New Genuine Bentley Crewe Oil Filter, Filter Housing O'ring. Part Number: 07c115562E Model / Chassis Applicability   2004-2009 Model Years,  All GT, GTC & Flying Spurs with...

  • Oil Filter (11427542021)

    Oil Filter (Phantom Only) (11427542021) $21.00

    This is the Oil Filter for all Rolls-Royce Phantom cars from 2004 onwards. 

  • Mineral Oil Brake Fluid 1981 onwards  For GMF systems

    Mineral Oil Brake Fluid 1981 onwards For GMF systems $29.95

    This is the oil need for the brakes/hydraulics (1pint)    PART NUMBER: UT13741 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1981-2003  Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Mulsanne, Turbo R Pre...

  • Mascot Retaining Plate (UE1438)

    Mascot Retaining Plate (UE1438U) $145.00

    This is the plate that clamps on the inside of the grille shell that the holds the mascot mounting plynth (UB12950) and the mascot by an allen bolt. PART NUMBER: UB31489U MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Headlamp (UT13791PAU)

    Left Headlamp (UT13791PAU) $595.00

    This is a USED good condition left hand side headlamp assembly. This assembly if for the LHD model cars. This photo is for reference only and the part you receive might be slightly different. Please check with our sales...

  • Joint (UE73950)

    Joint Ram Pipe Plenum (UE73950) $15.50

    This is the ram pipe to plenum chamber joint.  **Sold each (4 are required per car) PART NUMBER: UE73950 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1997-2010 Azure, Continental, Continental R,...

  • High Torque Stater Motor (UE46348)

    High Torque Starter Motor (UE46348) $495.00

    This is a high Torque Starter Motor  This starter offers faster and quieter starting than the original Lucas motor.It is suitable for all Silver Shadow and Bentley T models from VIN 4448.However, please be aware that...

  • Gasket (UE73619)

    Gasket - Oil pick up pedestal to crankcase (UE73619) $8.00

    Gasket (oil pick-up pedestal to crankcase) All V8   PART NUMBER: (UE73619) MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All V8 Models                  ...

  • Front Brake Pad Set (3W0698151)

    Front Brake Pad Set (3W0698151) $260.00

    This is a complete front axle set brake pads. Suitable for all Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur models Part Number: 3W0698151 Model / Chassis Applicability   2004 On (All Continental...

  • Flying Lady /  Spirit of Ecstasy  / Rolls-Royce Mascot  (Fixed)(UT10174)

    Flying Lady / Spirit of Ecstasy / Rolls-Royce Mascot (Fixed)(UT10174) $650.00

    Measure from the base to top of wing 3.5".  Mascot Rolls-Royce (Fixed) Part Number: UT10174 Model / Chassis Applicability                    ...

  • Fixing Peg (SPM1794)

    Fixing PEG - Headlamp Finisher (SPM1794) $3.12

    This is the retaining peg that pushes into the rear of the headlamp finisher. It then sits into clip SPM1793 which is mounted into the front headlamp panel.  * There are 6 required per headlamp PART...

  • Fan Clutch / Viscous Coupling (UE46114)

    Fan Clutch Viscous Coupling (UE46114) $240.00

    This viscous coupling is fitted to all Spirit/ Turbo models from 1987 onwards. It also is fit to the 2000 and 2001 Arnage Red Label fitted with the Bentley V8 engine. *This part supercedes to part number...

  • Compliance Mount Bushing (UR72000)

    Compliance Mount Bushing (UR72000) $88.75

    Compliance Mount Bushing, 2 required per car. Part Number: UR72000 Model / Chassis Applicability   1972-1980 (VIN 13485-41686) 1980-1998 (From VIN 1001...

  • Cleko / Cleco Pliers

    Cleko / Cleco Pliers $9.95

    Pliers for Cleco / Cleko body panel fasteners. Part Number: NPN Model / Chassis Applicability   All Models                            ...

  • Cleko / Cleco Fasteners 1/8" - 1/2" Grip Range

    Cleko / Cleco Fasteners 1/8" - 1/2" Grip Range $12.95

    Cleveland Corporation Manufactures.  Made in the U.S.A. - not cheap tawain made.  Brand new 2010 production.  Why buy cheap old junk - when you can have new authentic U.S.A. at discounted prices.

  • Gasket (07V121043)

    By-Pass Gasket (07V121043) $16.25

    This is the by-pass gasket fitted between the water pump housing & thermostat housing on all Arnage, Azure & Brooklands models 2000 on. Part Number:  07V121043 Model / Chassis...

  • Bush Kit (PD31001PA)

    Bush Kit Outboard Rear Lower Suspension Arm (PD31001PA) $155.00

    This is the Outboard Bush Kit for the Lower Suspension Arm. PART NUMBER: PD31001PA MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1997-2010 Silver Seraph, Arnage, Azure, Brookland Coupe, (ch. 1001-10058),...

  • Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring (UE36218)

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring (UE36218) $3.90

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe O'ring   Part   Number: UE36218) Model /   Chassis Applicability    Rolls-Royce & Bentley Models...

  • This is the O'ring  for the Brake Feed Pump (UE35616)

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring (UE35616) $2.84

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring.  This is the o'ring that seals the brake pump feed pipe to the inlet on the housing of the brake pump.  Cars before vin# 6644 will not have this o'ring. It also has a number of...

  • Brake Accumulator Sphere & Seal CD6000GMF & GMF1225

    Brake Accumulator Sphere (CD6000GMF) $125.00

    Brake Accumulator Sphere & Seal. If your brake warning lights are coming on, especially after you have used the brakes then low pressure in your accumulator spheres is the most likely cause.  Both accumulators...

  • Window Lift Assembly 1987 models to 1995

    Bosch Window Motor Lift Assembly (UD72242-A) 1987 to 1995 $550.00

    This is a good used window lift assembly.  All you need to do is unbolt yours and put this one in.  These units are tested in good working condition. Core charge is refundable if core is returned in rebuild-able...

  • Bentley Iron on Patch

    Bentley Iron on Patch $10.95

    Bentley embroidered patch.  Can been sewed or ironed on.  Size 2" high x 3" wide PART NUMBER: P-Bentley MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   ALL          ...

  • Ballrace Bush (CD5101)

    Ballrace Bush- Alternator (CD5101) $23.00

    This is the Ballrace Bush for the Alternator. *Look this up on the heritage site and copy the vin#'s as application.   PART NUMBER: RH12747 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • E81957 Grille Badge

    Badge Rolls-Royce (E81957) $285.00

    Factory NEW Rolls-Royce Badge.  Grille Badge and can be used as the badge for the bumper as well.This badge is NEW and GENUINE!  Not a Reproduction - as reproducing these are illegal. Part...

  • Alternator Drive Belt (SPC3430)

    Alternator Driver Belt (SPC3430) $28.95

    This is the alternator drive belt. Part Number: SPC3430 Model / Chassis Applicability   1987-1989  (VIN...