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Service Items

  • 1965-1980 wiper blade

    Wiper Blade Silver Shadow (UD22556) $19.50

    This is the wiper blade only.  2 required per car. Part Number: UD22556 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980 Shadow, Shadow II, T-1, T-2, Silver Wraith II CORNICHE Bentley...

  • Spark Plug Washer - 1 per plug CD151

    Washer for Spark Plug (CD151) $0.90

    This is the spark plug washer and there is one per plug. PART NUMBER: CD151 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All Rolls-Royce and Bentley Models from 1965-1998 year models      ...

  • Transmission Service Kit RH10009

    Transmission Service Kit RH10009 $24.50

    Service Kit - includes filter, pan gasket, & rubber o rings. Part Number:  RH10009 Model / Chassis Applicability   1967-80 (VIN 4486-41686), 1980-92 (VIN...

  • Suction Throttle Valve Kit

    Throttle Suction Valve Kit (CD6687) $155.00

    This kit converts the Silver Shadow I suction throttling valve to a Silver Shadow II - type POAST valve This is an electronic modification kit to replace the original suction throttling valve UD11429. It works by blanking...

  • Sump / Drain Plug (UG526)

    Sump Drain Plug (UG526) $65.00

    This is the engine sump plug. When used as an engine sump plug / drain plug you need washer XB1093. It is also the drain plug on the Silver Shadow and Bentley T fuel tanks from VIN 7694 onwards. As a fuel tank plug it takes...

  • Spark Plug (SPC3087) Each

    Spark Plug (SPC3087) Each $4.69

    1960 onward through 1987 Carburrettor cars only. Part Number: SPC3087 Model / Chassis Applicability   All models from 1960 SC II / S-2, PV, SC III, S-3, Continental's, up to 1987 vin#...

  • Sealing Washer (CD1373)

    Sealing Washer for Oil Filter (CD1373) $4.89

    This is the sealing washer with the bonded inner seal that is on the bottom of the oil filter canister under the securing bolt  on V8 engines with the RH10003 oil filter.  This seal is included in the oil filter...

  • V8 Radiator Cap Seal (UR5538/CS-8RS)

    Radiator Cap Seal 8 Cylinder (UR5538) $28.08

    Radiator Cap Seal Part Number: UR5538 / CS-8RS Model / Chassis Applicability   1960-1980 Rolls-Royce & Bentley V8 Models  ...

  • V8 Radiator Cap (UE3071)

    Radiator Cap V8 (UE3071) $76.00

    Radiator Cap for 8 Cylinder Only Part Number: UE3071 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1980 Silver Cloud & S-series V8's, Phantom V, Phantom VI, Shadow / T up to...

  • Power Steering Filter (CD633)

    Power Steering Filter (CD633) $14.50

    Power Steering Filter.  This is the filter that sits in the reservoir of the Hobourn Eaton power steering pumps on all models. Part Number: CD633 Model / Chassis...

  • Blue Magic Polish (M-85)

    Polish $6.50

    This is a Metal Polish Cream easy to use.  Goes on blue then polishes away to bring out the beauty of your car!  If you want your Chrome to look almost brand new again, this is the polish you need.  This Blue...

  • Silver Cloud, S-series, Shadow, Corniche Oil Filter before Spin on style. #RH10003

    Oil Filter (RH10003) $39.00

    Oil Filter assembly includes all gaskets and seals to change the oil filter.  Authentic Rolls-Royce. Part Number: RH10003 Model / Chassis Applicability    1956-1976 Silver Cloud,...

  • O'ring (UE31592)

    O'ring (UE31592) $2.10

    This O ring has a number of applications. It started life as part number UE31592.1. It is the O ring that sits into the oil filler neck on the end of the breather flame trap housing from VIN 6001 on the Shadow and Bentley T...

  • Main Fuel Filter (CD4299)

    Main Fuel Filter (CD4299) $36.50

    This is the main fuel filter element and seals.   PART NUMBER: CD4299 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver Wraith...

  • Lubrication Sticker - 2

    Lubrication Sticker - 2 $5.00

    Lubrication Stickers great item to have when you change the oil. Pack of 2 Part Number: NPN Model / Chassis Applicability   All Models              ...

  • Inner Tie Rod End Kit (RH10175)

    Inner Tie Rod End Kit (RH10175) $240.00

    Inner Tie Rod End Part Number: RH10175 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1976 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I & Bentley T1 &...

  • Leads (UE38678/9)

    Ignition Wire Set (UE38678/9) $189.00

    This is a complete set of ignition wires.  They have the threaded terminals on the distributor end of the leads. PART NUMBER:   MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1969 From Vin#...

  • Ignition Rotor CD6077

    Ignition Rotor Single Point Distributor (CD6077) 1969-1980 $28.00

    This is the ignition rotor for single point distributors. Part Number: CD6077 Model / Chassis Applicability   1969-1980 Silver Shadow, Shadow II, T-1, T-2, Silver Wraith, Corniche...

  • Ignition Rotor 1963-1969 (CD3046)

    Ignition Rotor 1963-1969 (CD3046) $47.00

    Igntion Rotor  Part Number: CD3046 Model / Chassis Applicability   1963-1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S3, Early Shadow/T...

  • 1963-1969 IGNITION POINTS (2 SETS) CD3047 / CS-832

    Ignition Points - 1963-1969 (CD3047) $58.00

    These are ignition points (sold as a pair) for the Silver Cloud III, S3, and the early Shadow, T-Series  Part Number: CD3047 / CS-832 Model / Chassis Applicability   1963-1969...

  • Ignition Points (CD5627)

    Ignition Points (CD5627) $48.75

    This is a single set of points. 1969-1975 (vin #'s 8742-22117)

  • Ignition Condensor 1963-1969 (CD3049)

    Ignition Condensor 1963-1969 (CD3049) $43.00

    Igntion Condensor Part Number: CD3049 Model / Chassis Applicability   1963-1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S3, Early Shadow/T...

  • Extractor for Glass Fuse (UD11668U)

    Extractor for Glass Fuse (UD11668U) $4.65

    This is a good used glass fuse extractor.  Often loss when getting vehicle serviced. *This photo is for reference only and the part you receive might be slightly different.  Any questions please check with us...

  • Distributor Cap 1963-1969 (CD3044)

    Distributor Cap 1963-1969 (CD3044) $115.96

    Part Number: CD3044 Model / Chassis Applicability   1963-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S-3, PV,  1965-69 Shadow, T-series...

  • Distributor Cap - Black 1970-1989 (CD6401)

    Distributor Cap - Black 1970-1989 (CD6401) $68.00

    Distributor Cap - Black as original for single point system Part Number: CD6210 / CD6401 Model / Chassis Applicability   1969-80 (VIN 8742-41686), 1980-98 (From VIN 1001...

  • Brake Fluid (RR363) 1 Litre

    Brake Fluid (RR363) 1 Litre $49.00

    Castrol RR 363 is a conventional synthetic brake fluid blended with castor oil for added lubricity. Part Number: RR363  / CB-F Model / Chassis Applicability   1946-1980 All...

  • Air Intake Filter (UB19273)

    Air Intake Filter (UB19273) $12.50

    This is the foam air intake (pollen) filter that sits beneath the scuttle panel just in front of the windscreen. This part fits cars from 1965 - 1980. Also, fits the Corniche and Continental models from 1981 onwards...

  • Air Filter Shadow, T, T-2, Shadow II, Spirit, Spur (UE36200)

    Air Filter Shadow, T, T-2, Shadow II, Spirit, Spur (UE36200) $48.00

    Air Filter Cylindrical   Part Number: UE36200  Model / Chassis Applicability   1965-80 (VIN 1001-41686), 1980-85 (VIN...