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Front Bumper new old stock (UR5340 / UR5441) Silver Cloud & S-series

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This is a factory Rolls-Royce original new old stock front bumper for Silver Cloud & S-series, Measures 71" from inside tip to inside tip.  This is new and has been moved around and sitting on shelves for over 40 years.  We acquired these bumpers when we bought out a dealership.  From sitting and being moved around they have acquired a few imperfections.  But as you know the original factory chrome was gorgeous and still is till this day.  PLEASE NOTE:  We will describe the imperfections as close as possible.

1.  facing bumper on the right side 13-1/2" from center over-rider there is a scratch that is 3/4" in height and 1/8" wide. This scratch is through the chrome (darkness underneath shows)  This is above the center line (will show standing over the bumper)

2.  facing bumper on the left side 9-3/4" from left end there is a 1-3/4" height scratch that is through the chrome also, beside it there is a 1-1/4" very light scratch (not through chrome) by 1/5" in width

3.  facing bumper from the 19" from center left bumper over-rider there is another scratch that is 1/2" in height and 1/16" width (not though chrome)


We do have photos of each of these scratches. The photos are very close up shots of the scratches.  We do not want to hide the imperfection from our valved customers.



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