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Weatherstrip Package Standard Body Long Boot R-type and Silver Dawn

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Standard Bodied Long Boot - Trunk Lifts Up
R-type, Silver Dawn

The Weatherstrip Package comes with the following Items: All items are labeled as to what they are.

Door Weatherstrip Kit (enough for all 4 doors)

Quart of Adhesive (only available to US 48 States)

Rear Window / Backlite Seal

Outer Windshield Seal

Inner Windshield Seal

Gas Door Seal

Hood Lacing Set (Grille & Cowl)

Hood Side Lacing

Roof Mounted Antenna Base Rubber

Sun Roof Seal (forward)

Sun Roof Seal (rear)

Pair of Front Mudguards

Pair of Mirror Pads

Rocker Sill Protector Rubber Strips (both Sides)

Tyre Pump Instruction Sheet

Guarantee Sheet

1 Yard of Fuse Wire

Tail Lamp Gaskets (pair)

Bijur Oiler Cap Seal

Radiator Cap Seal

Head lamp Dimmer Switch Cover

Tail Lamp Mounting Pads (pair)

Trunk Weatherstrip

Head Lamp Mounting Pads (pair)

Side Cowl Vent Seals

Oval Brake Pedal Pad (Rolls-Royce or Bentley will be determined by customers car)Standard Transmission we will add clutch pedal pad.

Fender Welting (pair)

Park Lamp Gaskets (pair)

Back-up lamp mounting pad

NOTE: We have been a supplier to the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Car Factory in Crewe England by contract since 1981 on many rubber seals and we are selected as a rare "Quality self assured supplier" (they are accepted at the factory without inspection due to their quality).


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