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Heater & Air Conditioning

  • UA6102Z

    Washer (UA6102Z) $2.60

    This is a washer that is used for many things on your car. This washer can be found in the Air Condition, Engine, Front Suspension, Fuel System, Electrical, Front Door, Rear Door, Luggage Compartment, Body Shell, Bumper,...

  • O'ring (UE10149)

    O'ring (UE10149) $3.75

    This o'ring can be used for a couple of applications: 1. o'ring inside of the rea height control restrictor valve on 1966-1980 Shadow range models 2. o'ring for the air conditioning on cars from 1987 PART...

  • Heater Tap (UD18772)

    Heater Tap (UD18772) $139.00

    This is the main heater tap for all cars from 1977 30,000 series onward to 1986. PART NUMBER: UD18772 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2,...

  • Air Switching Valve (UE46188U)

    Air Switching Valve (UE46188U) USED $145.00

    This is a good USED air switch valve for the air condition. PART NUMBER: UE46188U MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1987-1989 Silver Spirit and Silver...

  • Grommet (UD11158)

    Actuator Distribution Box Grommet (UD11158) $3.99

    This is the rubber grommet at the end of the spacer tube for the lower temperature flap.  * There are 2 required per car (Sold Separately) This grommet has many application most common is in the Heat/Air...

  • Cutout Switch (CD6429)

    A/C Low Pressure Cutout Switch (CD6429) $98.00

    This is the pressure switch in the back of the air conditioning compressor. If the pressure in the system drops too low this switch cuts off the compressor to avoid it burning out. PART...

  • A/C Drive Belt (SPC3429)

    A/C Drive Belt Compressor (SPC3429) $42.00

    This is the single drive belt between the air conditioning compressor and the engine crank pulley. PART NUMBER: SPC3429 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-1993 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur,...

  • A/C Compressor Hose (UR70297)

    A/C Compressor Hose (UR70297) $582.40

    This is the suction hose between the air conditioning compressor and the expansion valve. PART NUMBER:   MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1980-1998 Sliver Spirit, Sliver Spur, Mulsanne,...