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Gearbox / Transmission

  • UA6102Z

    Washer (UA6102Z) $2.60

    This is a washer that is used for many things on your car. This washer can be found in the Air Condition, Engine, Front Suspension, Fuel System, Electrical, Front Door, Rear Door, Luggage Compartment, Body Shell, Bumper,...

  • Transmission Service Kit RH10009

    Transmission Service Kit RH10009 $24.50

    Service Kit - includes filter, pan gasket, & rubber o rings. Part Number:  RH10009 Model / Chassis Applicability   1967-80 (VIN 4486-41686), 1980-92 (VIN...

  • Torus Cover Sealing Ring (UE9988)

    Torus Cover Sealing Ring - 4 Speed Gearbox (UE9988) $77.46

    This is the large O'ring that seals the Torus Cover to the end cover. * 1966-1969 Cars with 4 speed gearbox only  PART NUMBER: UE9988 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   SILVER SHADOW...

  • Sealing Ring (UG11280)

    Ring Oil Seal Delivery Sleeve Automatic Transmission (UG11280) $29.56

    This is the oil seal ring for the 4 speed gearbox for early model Shadows. PART NUMBER: UG11280 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966 (Vin 01001 to...

  • Ring Gear (UG13281U)

    Ring Gear - GMF400 Transmission (UG13281U) $450.00

    This is a good used starter ring gear for year models fitted with GM400 transmission / gearbox before 1987.  *  This photo is for reference only and the part you receive might be slightly different.  Please...

  • Universal Joint (CD4197)

    Propshaft Universal Joint (CD4197) $68.00

    This is the original Universal Joint for all cars from 1947 to 1991. The original part number was RG6389. It has been superceded to CD4197.   PART NUMBER: CD4197  MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Large Drive Shaft Boot Clip (UG11119)

    Large Drive Shaft Boot Jubilee Clip (UG11119) $11.35

    This is the jubilee clip for the large end of the concertina boot on the driveshaft. PART NUMBER: UG11119 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II,...

  • Horse Shoe Gasket (UE5214)

    Horse Shoe Gasket $3.97

    This is the horseshoe gasket between the rear crankshaft cover and the crankcase. Part Number: UE5214 Model / Chassis Applicability   1959-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, III & Bentley...

  • Half Boot Seal (UG11121)

    Half Shaft Boot Seal (UG11121) $135.60

    This is the 1/2 Shaft Boot Seal for the transmission, drive shaft, differential,and the propeller shaft 1965-80 (VIN 1001-41686)1980-82 (VIN 1001-2571)   PART NUMBER: UG11121 / XS-HSBS MODEL /...

  • Gear Selector Shaft Seal

    Gear Selector Shaft Seal $10.95

    This is the seal for the gearshift selector shaft. Part Number: GM8657163 Model / Chassis Applicability   1968 Onward Models with GM400 Transmission    ...

  • Seal (GM8670283)

    Front Pump Seal (GM8670283) $23.50

    This is the front pump seal on the input shaft of the gearbox. This seal is very prone to leaking causing the characteristic oil leak from the underside of the bell housing. PART...

  • Body Servo (UG1307)

    Front Body Servo (UG1307) $60.48

    Front Servo Body for 4 speed transmission.  Part Number: UG1307 Model / Chassis Applicability   1966-1980 Chassis...

  • Drive Shaft  Boot Small Clip (UG11118)

    Drive Shaft Boot Clip - Small (UG11118) $4.50

    This is the smaller of the 2 clips for the half shaft boot on the driveshaft. (Boot Seal UG11121) (Large Clip UG11119) PART NUMBER: UG11118 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980 ...

  • GEAR (UG1072)

    Differential Bevel Gear (UG1072) $290.00

     DIFFERENTIAL BEVEL GEAR, REAR TRANS. AXLE Part Number:  UG1072 Model / Chassis Applicability   PHANTOM Rolls-Royce Phantom V (1962 - 68) E Series (5VE1 - 5VE51) Rolls-Royce...

  • Bushing, Torque Converter (UG184)

    Bushing, Torque Converter (UG184) $69.00

    This is the bushing for the transmission TH400 Torque Converter   PART NUMBER: UB184 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver...