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  • Main Carburetter Spring (CD5871)

    Spring (Main Carburetter Damper) (CD5871) $9.14

    This is the main spring inside the carburetter suction chamber.  PART NUMBER: CD5871 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1966-1980  Silver Shadow, T-series, Shadow II, T-2, Silver...

  • Spring (Main Carb Needle) (CD5453)

    Spring (Main Carb Needle) (CD5453) $4.95

    This is the spring for the main carb needle. PART NUMBER: CD5453 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY From 1969 (VIN 8742) to 1986 (VIN...

  • O'ring (CD5447)

    O'ring (Float Lid Filter) (CD5447) $10.15

    This is the o ring for the float chamber lid on all later Shadow and T Series 1 models - from VIN 8742 to 26708. It seals the charcoal filter into the float chamber lid. One required per float chamber. PART...

  • Main Carburetor Needle (CD6080)

    Main Carburetor Needle $29.50

    This is the main carburetter needle for UK spec cars from, VIN 1001 to 5603. *This is the only thing NOT included in the carb kit X-CK2 PART NUMBER: CD6080 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Float Chamber Cover (RH2901)

    Float Chamber Cover (RH2901) $58.00

    This is a new float chamber cover for all cars from 1977 to 1987 fitted with HIF7 SU carburetters.  Also need CD5936 with each lid. PART NUMBER: RH2901 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Coil (UE9168U)

    Coil Thermostat / Choke Spring (UE9168U) $95.00

    This is a USED main bimetal choke spring.  Also known as the coil thermostat. Part Number:  UE9168U Model / Chassis Applicability   1959-1965 Silver Cloud II,III and Bentley S-2,3,...

  • Carburetor Service Kit  (1001-6000)

    Carburetor Service Kit (1001-6000) $88.31

    This is a kit containing all parts required to service one carburetter - two kits are required per car. The only component missing is the main needle. Part Number: X-CK2 Model / Chassis...

  • Aluminum Washer (RE7289)

    Aluminum Sealing Washer to Carburetor Float Lid (RE7289) $1.90

    This is the Aluminium Sealing Washer that sits on top of the Carburetter Float Chamber. PART NUMBER: RE7289 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   All models up to...

  • Air Intake Gasket (UE6230)

    Air Intake Gasket to Carburetor (UE6230) $3.33

    This is the Air Intake to Carburetor Gasket (4 required per car)   PART NUMBER: UE6230 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   CAMARGUE Rolls-Royce Camargue (JRD19094 -...