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Brake Pumps

  • Pipe (UR17518)

    Rear Brake Pump to Accumulator Pipe (UR17518) $154.00

    This is the high pressure pipe between the rear brake pump and the rear accumulator. It is suitable for all cars from approx 1973 with the later big bore pipework. PART NUMBER: UR17518 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Plunger (UD17876)

    Plunger, Pressure Switch (UD17876) $16.82

    This is the plunger for the pressure switch. Each car needs 1 per Brake Pressure Switch2 required per carUD17876 PlungerUD18721 DiaphragmXB1078R Washer PART NUMBER: UD17876 MODEL / CHASSIS...

  • Inlet Valve Spring (UE9488)

    Inlet Valve Spring - Brake Pump (UE9488) $14.50

    This is the inlet valve spring for the brake pump. PART NUMBER: UE9488 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1965-1980 Silver Shadow I, II & Bentley T1,...

  • Pipe (UR18568)

    Front Brake to Accumulator Pipe (UR18568) $205.00

    This is the high pressure pipe from the front brake pump to the accumulator on the left hand side of the engine.  It is suitable for all cars from approx 1973 fitted with the bigger bore pipework and a right hand...

  • Seal Kit (RH2438)

    Brake Pump Seal Kit (RH2438) $55.00

    Part Number: RH2438 Model / Chassis Applicability   1965-1980 Silver Shadow, Silver Wraith II, Shadow II,...

  • Brake Pump Removal Tool (RH8428)

    Brake Pump Removal Tool $125.00

    This is the tool that removes the brake pumps in situ without the need to remove the inlet manifold and tappet chest. 1966-1998 All Models $50. CORE CHARGE APPLIES AND REFUNDABLE IF TOOL SENT BACK WITHIN 30 DAYS AND IN...

  • Brake Pump Push Rod (UE36794)

    Brake Pump Push Rod (UE36794) $80.00

    This is the push rod to fit the 1965-1980  Shadow I, II and T-Series   PART NUMBER: UE36794 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY     1966-1980  Silver Shadow I, II &...

  • This is the O'ring  for the Brake Feed Pump (UE35616)

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring (UE35616) $2.84

    Brake Pump Feed Pipe o'ring.  This is the o'ring that seals the brake pump feed pipe to the inlet on the housing of the brake pump.  Cars before vin# 6644 will not have this o'ring. It also has a number of...

  • O'ring Seal (SPC1957)

    Brake Pump Body O'ring (SPC1957) $10.63

    This is one of the two sealing rings that sit between the brake pump and its housing. There are two O rings per pump and they come as part of the main brake pump seal kit (RH2438). To replace these O rings you do not need to...

  • Brake Pump (UE40534SX)

    Brake Pump (Reconditioned) (UE40534SX) $311.22

    This is a fully reconditioned brake pump with a 3/4" (inch) union on the end of the high pressure pipe that fits to the top of the brake pump. All of our reconditioned hydraulic units for cars from 1966 - 1980 are rig-tested...