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  • Wheel Bearing, Outer, Front Hub (UG13546/7)

    Wheel Bearing, Outer, Front Hub (UG13546 & UG13547) $89.00

    This is the front outer wheel bearing. Part Number: UG13546/7 Model / Chassis Applicability   1945-1955 Mk-6, R-type, Dawn (G series onward) 1955-1965 Silver Cloud, S-series,...

  • Wheel Bearing, Inner, Front Hub (UG13556/7)

    Wheel Bearing, Inner, Front Hub (UG13556 & UG13557) $89.00

    This is the front innerr wheel bearing. Part Number: UG13556/7 Model / Chassis Applicability   1945-1955 Mk-6, R-type, Dawn (G series onward) 1955-1965 Silver Cloud, S-series,...

  • Washer (UR2444)

    Washer - Oil Seal Ball Joint (UR2444) $10.25

    This is the Oil Seal Washer for the front suspension on the ball joint.   PART NUMBER: UR2444 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   S CONTINENTALBentley S Continental A series (BC1AF -...

  • Thrust Washer (GW399)

    Thrust Washer Below King Pin (GW399) $66.10

    This is the thrust washer that sits below the king pin. PART NUMBER: GW399 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1945-1955 Silver Wraith, Mk-6, T-type, Sliver Dawn 1956-1965 Silver Cloud,...

  • Sump / Drain Plug (UG526)

    Sump Drain Plug (UG526) $65.00

    This is the engine sump plug. When used as an engine sump plug / drain plug you need washer XB1093. It is also the drain plug on the Silver Shadow and Bentley T fuel tanks from VIN 7694 onwards. As a fuel tank plug it takes...

  • Stub (UR3283)

    Stud (UR3283) $12.00

    This is the stud for the shock damper end cover (.375 UNF) PART NUMBER: UR3283 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1955-1965 Silver Cloud & S-series & Continental &...

  • Spring (RG1218)

    Spring Earth Contact Dust Cover - Front Hub (RG1218) $29.36

    This is the spring earth contact dust cover for the front hub. PART NUMBER: RG1218 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1956-1959  Silver Cloud II, III and Bentley S-Series,...

  • Silent Block Bushing (UR1301)

    Silent Block Bushing (UR1301) $90.25

    This is a suspension silentbloc bush.It has a number of applications:1. Inside the inner end of the front lower triangle lever arm of a MKVI / R Type2. Inside the rear spring and shackle mounts of S Type and Silver Cloud...

  • Shock, Rear Left Hand Drive (UR4953)

    Shock, Rear Left Hand Drive (UR4953) $650.00

    Shock Damper, Rear Left Hand Drive(CORE CHARGE APPLIES) Core charge is refundable if core is returned in rebuild-able condition.  That means NOT BROKEN and is REBUILD-ABLE! When returning core please...

  • Rubber Interleaf (UR1662)

    Rubber Interleaf (UR1662) $22.00

    This is the rubber pad that sits in between the leaves of the rear spring. **Eight pads per spring (Sold Each) Part Number: UR1662  Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1965 Silver Cloud...

  • Rubber Bumper (UR1026)

    Rubber Bumper (UR1026) $38.00

    This is the rear suspension rubber bumper - 2 are required per car.  PART NUMBER: UR1026 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY    1955-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I,II,III & Bentley...

  • Rear Shock Seals Kit (FW1926/27KIT)

    Rear Shock Seals & Bush Kit 1946-1955 (FW1926/27KIT) $95.00

    This is the seals and bushing for the rear shock absorbers.  You need 1 Kit per car PART NUMBER: FW1926/27KIT MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1946-1955 Silver Wraith, Mk-6, R-type,...

  • Pad Damper Piston (RF7579)

    Pad Damper Piston (RF7579) $28.00

    This is the shock damper piston pad. PART NUMBER: RF7579 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1959-1965 Silver Cloud II,III & Bentley S-2,3,...

  • Shaft (UR784)

    Main Shaft for Front Shock Absorber (UR784) $225.00

    This is the main shaft for the front shock absorber.   Part Number: UR784 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1959 Silver Cloud I / S-1            ...

  • Lower Trunion Kit (GW1594Kit)

    Lower Trunion Kit (GW1594KIT) $361.00

    This is the kit for the lower trunion consisiting of:1 x FB3072 - Bearing Pin2 x GW800 - Bearing Race1 x GW1594 - Bolt54 x RF7365 - Needle Rollers1 x GW807 - Distance Tube2 x GW440 - Felt Washers1 x GW801KIT - Adjusting...

  • Lock-tab Bolt (UR449)

    Locktab Rear Shackle Bolts (UR449) $11.25

    This is the lock-tab for the rear spring rear shackle bolts.**2 per spring (sold each) PART NUMBER: UR449 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1955-1965 RR Silver Cloud I, II, III & Bentley...

  • Bracket (UR1967)

    Locktab Fulcrum Bracket (UR1967) $11.00

    This is the lock-tab for each end of the front suspension fulcrum brackets. **2 lock-tabs on each bracket (sold each) 8 per car PART NUMBER: UR1967 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1956-1965...

  • King Pin Kit (UR264KIT)

    King Pin Bearing Kit (UR264KIT) $498.00

    This is a king pin kit containing the following parts:King pin UR264Top bearing RF8364Lower bearing & needles RF8366Locktab RF8376Top seal RF5378Lower seal GW1960 Part Number:  UR264KIT Model /...

  • Gasket (UR5418)

    Gasket - Valve Seat on Front Suspension (UR5418) $4.00

    This is the gasket for the valve seat to body for the front suspension damper. PART NUMBER: UR5418 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1959-1968 Rolls-Royce Phantom...

  • Fulcrum Bracket Oil Feed (UR2742)

    Fulcrum Bracket Oil Fed (UR2742) $850.00

    Fulcrum Bracket oil fed, factory Rolls-Royce original part. Part Number: UR2742 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I & Bentley...

  • Silver Cloud I Front Suspension Bump Stop UR3719

    Front Suspension Bump Stop (UR3719) 3 stud $115.00

    This is the flat top 3 stud front suspension bump stop. Part Number: UR3719 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1959 Silver Cloud I and Bentley...

  • Bushing (FW1502)

    Front Stabilizer Bar Bushing - (FW1502) $38.00

    This is the front stabilizer for the front anti-roll bar.  Pre 1955 only 2 required, after 1955 (3 are required) These are sold each.  If you require more than 1 please make sure cart has your quantity needed...

  • Front Spring Seating Seal (UR511)

    Front Spring Seating Seal (UR511) $84.00

    This is the front spring seating seal. PART NUMBER: UR511 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1956-1965 Silver Cloud I,II,III and Bentley...

  • Front Spring Seat (UR15278)

    Front Spring Seat (UR15278) $52.00

    This is the seat that the front road spring sits in. Originally these were canvas but they are now plastic. They stop the metal spring from grinding against the metal spring support.On the MkVI, R type and Silver Dawn models...

  • Front Shackle Bush (UR1173)

    Front Shackle Bush (UR1173) $110.00

    This is the bush for the front shackle on the rear springs. There are two bushes per spring. **These are sold separately  PART NUMBER: UR1173 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1955-1965...

  • Front Hub Dust Cover (UG666)

    Front Hub Dust Cover (UG666) $26.50

    This is the dust cover for  the front hub. PART NUMBER: UG666 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY                    1956-1965 Silver Cloud 1,2,3...

  • UR4639 Front Motor Mount

    Front Engine Mount (UR4639) $95.00

    This is the front motor mount and only 1 required per car. Part Number: UR4639 Model / Chassis Applicability   1959-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud  II, III & Bentley S2, S3,...

  • Front Engine Cross Member Mounting UR4602

    Front Engine Cross Member Mounting (UR4602) $195.00

    Assembly Crossmember Front Engine Mounting  Part Number: UR4602 Model / Chassis Applicability   1959-1965 Silver Cloud 2,3 / Bentley...

  • Bump stop for Triangle Lever UR3849

    Bump Stop for Triangle Lever (UR3849) $105.00

    This is the bump stop for the front suspension that sits into the underside of the two top triangle levers next to the road spring. Part Number: UR3849 Model / Chassis...

  • Bump Stop (UR3941)

    Bump Stop (UR3941) $118.00

    This is the flat topped two stud bump stop for the front suspension. This is an original manufactured Rolls-Royce Part PART NUMBER: UR3941 MODEL / CHASSIS APPLICABILITY   1960-1965 Silver...

  • Bearing Block (UR543)

    Bearing Block (UR543) $285.00

    Lower inner bearing block. Part Number: UR543 Model / Chassis Applicability   1955-1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I, & Bentley...

  • Washer (KB1092)

    Aluminum Washer (KB1092) .875in $1.95

    This is Aluminum Washer serves multiple uses on the models from 1959-1965.  This washer can be found in the Engine, Front & Rear Suspension, Front & Rear Door Trim & Coolant Pump. PART...

  • Bolt (UA107Z)

    .250 x 1.25 Inch Bolt (UA107Z) USED $2.50

    This is a (good condition USED) .250 x 1.25 inch bolt.  This bolt can be found in all year models from 1945-1998 in many, many different areas in each year model category.