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Rear Brakes

  • RH Rear Outer Brake Hose & RHD Rat Trap Hose (CD6248)

    RH Rear Outer Brake Hose & RHD Rat Trap Hose (CD6248) $29.00

    This is one of the flexible rubber brake hoses for the right hand rear caliper. It runs along the rear trailing arm and is the outer (longer) hose of the two. The inner hose is CD6247.There are also two of these hoses from...

  • Rear Brake Drum 1950- 1955 (From GT series onwards)

    Rear Brake Drum Late (RG6018) $687.50

    This is the Rear Brake Drum Part Number: RG6018R Model / Chassis Applicability   1950- 1955 (From GT series on...

  • Half Nut (UA353Z)

    Half Nut (UA353Z) $1.95

    This half nut has a number of applications:1. It is the half nut for the flexible brake hose union. It takes washer WHT002851 / UA1253Z.On the S Type & Silver Cloud front brake hose CD6241 there is one nut at each end of...

  • Copper Washer (RG5779)

    Copper Washer - Reproduction (RG5779) $6.75

    This is the copper washer for the front brake hose RG8484P. There is one washer per hose.It is also the washer for the outlet on the rear of the brake master cylinder RG5782. PART NUMBER: RG5779 MODEL...

  • Brake Shoe Set - MKVI, R-Type, Silver Wraith & Dawn, Rear ALL and Fronts Only: B-FU series & SBA series

    Brake Shoes Set of 4 (RG5353) $495.00

    Set of 4 brake drums lining and shoes.  Fits all REARS 1945-1955 but only fits FRONTS Only B-FU and SBA series Part Number: RG5353R Model / Chassis Applicability   MKVI, R-Type, Silver...

  • Bleed Screw Dust Cover (UG2427)

    Bleed Screw Dust Cover (Each) (UG2427) $0.98

    This is the dust cover for the bleeder screw.  Sold each.  These will go to bleed screw part no. UR10967 Part Number: UG2427 Model / Chassis Applicability   ALL MODELS  ...